Table des matières

1. Introduction

Laravel works with artisan which can allow to automate things. On the command line, we can run commands with php artisan cache:clear. “cache:clear” is a command and we can create our owns.

2. List existing ones

php artisan list

On the command line, return the list of existing commands.

3. Create new command

To add a new command, we can fire php artisan make:command followed by a verb.

For instance :

php artisan make:command clear

This will create a new file in /app/Console/Commands/todos.php.

Two properties are mandatory:

The signature property is the one that we’ll use in php artisan.

The description property is the associated help text.

4. Some actions

4.1. call


Call and execute another command.

4.2. Output

4.2.1. ask

$database = $this->ask('Database name')

Ask the user for a value.

4.2.2. confirm

if ($this->confirm('Do you want to ...?', false)) {
    // The user has answer yes

Ask user for confirmation (Yes/No)

4.2.3. info

$this->info('>> Welcome to our installation process! <<');

This will allow to echo on the command prompt an information message (with green background).

5. Example

5.1. concil:install

This script allows (in theory) to create a new database upon the installation of the laravel site.