Edit a ribon

The best way to edocument doesn’ dit a ribbon is, for sure, to use CustomOfficeUIEditor but, for instance, if you don’t have the tool installed on your computer but well 7-Zip, you can edit the ribbon with 7-Zip!

The MS Office file format is, in fact, an archive. Just rename the file’s extension from .xlsx to .zip if you want to verify this assertion.

So, you can start the 7-Zip interface and open a .xlsx file where a ribbon has been created.

You’ll see a folder called customUI and, there, a file called customUI14.xml (remember, that was the name of our inserted ribbon). By editing that .xml file within 7-Zip (a text editor will be opened), you can see the content and update it. By saving the file from within the editor, 7-Zip will compress it and add the file to the original MS Office file.

Edit the ribbon with 7-Zip